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    Jerry Swon earned his B.A. from Hamline University in 1972 and entered the world of investment banking shortly thereafter. For 30+ years, he has cultivated his expertise as a reverse merger specialist in the financial sector. He has provided strategic guidance and financial insight to numerous sectors: energy commodities marketing, logistics and trading; health care; corporate tax; and nutraceutical product development, to name a few.

    Some of Jerry's career highlights include helping to finance the early development of Vernon Valley/Great Gorge as a summer amusement park, exploring for Oil and Gas in the South West for the next 15 years, and most recently advising a local company with an overdose reduction technology for helping to address the opioid epidemic.


    Jerry and his wife have lived in Mendham since 1981. Along the way, they've been blessed with four sons, whose interests in hockey spurred Jerry to revive the NJ Rockets youth hockey program in 1990. The program, meant for sixteen-year-old to twenty-year-old players, has once again become a cornerstone of its community.

    In addition, Jerry has volunteered alongside numerous charity organizations, such as housing shelters and food banks.

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    When you head up a new team, getting to know them and earning their trust can be an intimidating concept. After all, it’s difficult to throw yourself into any situation, particularly one in which you’re expected to lead. How do you earn trust quickly and in a situation in which you’re expected to...
    A good business prospers under the leadership of its superiors. However, there is no universal leadership style. Companies operate differently from one another, therefore making specific leadership styles more successful than others. It is essential to utilize a style that is most beneficial for...
    Life is not limited to what we gain, but what we give. More often than not, we get wrapped up in ourselves. We become self-centered, and sometimes we even think the world revolves around us. Lending a hand to your community gives you a jolt of reality. It helps you realize that you are not the...
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